Monitored Security Systems Give You and Your Family the Peace of Mind You Deserve

Improving the safety of your home is easy with home security monitoring. With a monitored home security system, you can help protect your home’s entrances with state-of-the-art equipment and around-the-clock security monitoring. When your monitored security system detects the possibility of a burglary, fire or excessive levels of carbon monoxide, it immediately notifies a network of monitoring centers. The security professional who responds to the alarm is trained to get you the help you need as quickly as possible.

If you don’t have home security, consider the safety and peace of mind a security system can bring. Call now to learn more about ADT monitored security systems.

ADT isn’t just an alarm system from the hardware store

Some home alarm systems are loud enough to notify of you of a potential break-in. But these do-it-yourself systems offer little in the way of remote monitoring and emergency dispatch. With ADT, you don’t just get a security system. You get 24-hour remote security monitoring from the nation’s most trusted home security provider.

ADT monitored security systems outshine DIY systems in other ways.

  • ADT involves a relationship with a trusted and respected company rather than a one-time purchase at the hardware store.
  • With technology like SafeWatch® CellGuard®, ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions and Two-Way Voice, ADT outpaces do-it-yourself systems in terms of innovation.
  • With ADT, you can choose from an array of options and features to help you get the monitoring package that meets your security needs.

Find local security systems and ADT monitoring today so you can your family can stay better protected.

Home security helps protect you from multiple threats

Added protection against burglary

Monitored wireless security systems trigger a high-decibel alarm siren if an intruder tries to enter your home. When the alarm goes off, ADT acts fast to send you local police assistance if necessary.

Added protection against fire

Add smoke and heat detection devices to your monitoring package and your monitored security system will notify ADT when it detects signs of a fire in your home. Once the emergency is confirmed, ADT then contacts your local fire department to address the emergency.

Added protection against unsafe levels of carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas that is also toxic. With optional carbon monoxide sensors connected to your monitored home security system, ADT notifies you when there are unsafe levels of this gas in your home so you and your family can exit safely.

Manual dispatch for emergency personnel

You may at some point need help even if the monitored home security alarm hasn’t gone off. With push-button dispatch for police, fire and medical agencies, you can manually call for help from your keypad.

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If you want to do more to secure your home and protect your family, getting a monitored home security system is the place to start. ADT monitored security systems are better than do-it-yourself systems and offer protection against a range of threats. And when you call 1-844-841-0325 now, you’ll get a free, personalized consultation. Speak with a home security expert today and learn more about the benefits of ADT monitoring.